Jan. 29th, 2017

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Argh. Stayed up too late, because I was moody and depressed. I do that, sometimes, when I feel like the day has been a futile waste of time, because somehow staying up another hour, two, three will let me find the one thing that makes the day less of a waste. It's never worked.

Chinese New Year was last night, so people were shooting off firecrackers around town, which meant that Elsa spent the night shivering and terrified, huddling by our bed. She's sort of tired this morning, but still thinks it's time to play, around her yawns.

Sammie picked up a terracotta warrior statue for his house, and Ivana has the same quest, and will get another one for her house. Radzwell is back online, and we did a guild group to help Sulyamon (Steve's ranger) get Raincaller as a pre-req for his epic weapon quests. First time I've ever been to the front steps of Mistmoore Castle in this game.

Did a fair amount of Minecrafting on Cybertron; I added another automated oreberry farm, and experimented with running power using IE wires all the way past my underground test farm to a new resource plants farm I've set up. So far it's only growing nitor wart (for glowstone) and redstodendron (for redstone). Going to add any more resource crops that I crossbreed to the farm, though. Set up an OpenBlocks sprinkler with a Pressure Pipes Infinite Water Source to keep it hydrated, an MFR harvester to harvest it, and a fair bit of Immersive Engineering infrastructure to bring the power over. (IE wires are way cheaper in materials to run long stretches than energy conduits/ducts/etc from other mods.) I use BuildCraft pipes for long-haul liquid and item transport, as they are also cheaper in materials than EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, or Extra Utilities pipes. In any case, I now have enough glowstone coming in to actually use glowstone-based lights all over the place. Torches on the floor look tacky, and I got tired of hitting my head on railroad lanterns.
dragoness_e: Living Dead Girl (Living Dead Girl)
Because yeah, did more of that. Too short of sleep to do much of anything that required brains, sadly. I got started cleaning up my main floors, putting in consistent wall and floors patterns, removing torches and replacing them with glowstone. I got a notion that I wanted the ceiling of the main floor to be UBC marble, and there was this huge seam of it up where the 2nd floor was going to be....

Long story short, I went nuts and quarried out the entire layer of marble, which was a huge pocket in the mountain. During the course of it, I decided that the silk-touch pick was too slow, and made my TCon hammer into a silk-touch hammer, so I could get the marble out intact. Also put a cobalt head on my silk-touch pick, to make it faster. I started putting floors in and smoothing out the huge cyst I'd dug in the heart of the mountain, which made me realize I needed a new hammer, without silk-touch enchantment, so I could get cobblestone for fill. So I made a mostly iron hammer with a ferrous head for mining speed. I ended up with a LOT of marble, probably far more than I will need unless I decide to build an entire nether palace out of marble.

I still need to build a sheep pen, and do some deep mining, though. You'd think I'd have had enough mining, but at the altitude I quarried out the marble, there's only coal, fossils, and apatite. My iron, copper, tin, and aluminum oreberry farms keep a steady trickle of those metals coming in, but I need ore blocks to breed and grow resource crops for the other ores. The useful industrial ores are mostly found below sea level. The fossil frequency could stand to be tuned down a bit--they're everywhere; I'll have to look and see if F&A lets me configure that.

Have I mentioned that I need to build a cattle farm some day? I need leather for balloons for the airships I want to build for long-range exploration. Books can be made purely from wood and paper thanks to Tinker's Construct's alternate book recipe, but there's no substitute for leather for airships. Oh well.

"Midsommer Murders" was actually amusing tonight; every now and then they have an episode that has interesting and funny characters in it. The actor that played the murderer was very good, as his character gave me 'something off about this guy, girl you do NOT want to marry him' vibes from his first appearance, even though he ostensibly was a very nice young man and did nothing overt or sinister on-screen.

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