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Yes, I really do have a website and it's not utterly dead. Just woefully out-of-date.

One out-of-date page is my Palm E-docs page. Alas, the Palm is no longer the mainstream ebook reader, and the venerable Aportis-Doc format isn't exactly an industry standard anymore. As for the proprietary iSilo format--has anyone even heard of it anymore?

These days the most-used formats are MobiPocket, HTML, PDF, and EPub, as far as I can tell. I personally loathe PDFs for reading, so I'm not going to go to the trouble of making them or hosting them. HTML is not so much an E-book format as a standard markup format that can be easily converted to any format you want. Besides, it's handy for reading on your computer.

So, my thoughts are that my old Palm E-Docs page will turn into a new E-Books page, and Palm-DOC and iSilo versions of my fanfics will be replaced or updated with:

* zipped HTML for offline reading (already exist, but need updating)
* MobiPocket (useable on Kindle, and easily converted to other formats)
* EPUB (useable on Sony E-Reader and several others)

Have I missed any major formats that people need to read on the device of their choice? Please let me know.

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