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Okay, once I scrub out a few obvious bugs discovered during the last bit of alpha testing, I'll need some beta testers for MapperGUI 2.99b.

Requirements for beta testing:

  1. Python 2.3.4 or later installed

  2. PIL installed

  3. wxPython installed, plus whatever wxPython needs

  4. Must be able to manage without correct or coherent documentation

  5. Must be able to manage your own Python set-up.

Note that release version (for Windows) will have somewhat less stringent requirements, if I ever get py2exe properly integrated. Linux users get to manage Python libs themselves, as always. Beta code is subject to change and mutilation. It may eat your data, so work with a copy or backup of your existing stuff. (It doesn't, as far as I know, but I might manage to introduce an interesting new bug in the course of fixing/updating others).

What you will be testing will not have all the features of the release version; but I need to make sure that the core features are rock-solid. Oh, and I'm doing a last-minute change to how mapper.py is called that will probably screw up everything anyway, and we'll start over from square one with 3.00.01-beta..

If you are interested, e-mail me.

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