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After I boiled a Seeker to death and recorded the results, I got another Classic Starscream and disassembled him (will document that another day). I took him apart a bit more thoroughly, so that parts like the legs wouldn't have air chambers in them and float around in the dye. I also left out parts that did not need dyeing; those that needed painting got sprayed with a light gray primer instead.

After my last experience, I was paranoid about exposing the parts to heat....

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For those of you who remember my unfortunate mishap with my first attempt at dyeing a Classic Starscream navy blue, here's a few low-res pictures.

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So, I'm trying to do a re-paint/mod for the first time. I want to turn a Classic Starscream into a Classic Duskwing, and the first thing I'm doing to it is dye it navy blue. I'm following advice from experienced modders--use RiT dye, boil it for best results. I disassembled the parts I didn't want dyed (cockpit canopy, head)--and those pins were a PITA to get out, and stripped off as much of the paint job as I could.

Tip: Classic figure paint comes off with alcohol and vigorous rubbing. Just take a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to it.

Washed it, and then put it in a pot of dye and water, enough to cover the parts plus an inch or two, and boiled it for about 45 minutes. (I wanted it dark). I'd been assured this was pretty much S.O.P. for dying toys.

Well, apparently the Classics figures are a bit sub-standard on the heat sensitivity. My Seeker figure had two noticeable parts warp and partially collapse from the heat of the pan that if I can put it back together, it won't transform. One leg is sort of squashed and won't collapse to transform to jet mode, and the back plate of the torso piece is a bit collapsed and warped along the right top--won't close properly for either mode.

It also came out darker than I wanted. Fortunately, I found another Classic Starscream over at Toys 'R' Us. I'll try cold dyeing that one.

Tip: DON'T BOIL Classic Transformers

Edit: Now I have pictures.

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