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I updated the home page of my umbrella site, The Republic of New Home, to actually point at live pages, instead of the same old dead links it has pointed to since 2002. No guarantees that the pages pointed to are current or anything radical like that, but at least they load instead of giving you a 404 error.
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I have a Facebook account under my real name for sharing family interests. Facebook is appallingly nosy; I plan to keep it compartmentalized from my fandom & writing stuff here on Dreamwidth/LJ and on my website, so I'm not posting the name here, and I'm not posting anything about Dragoness Eclectic there. I'm also not posting anything about my current job here or there. I'm also disabling Facebook scripting/trackers when I'm not on Facebook.

What am I posting, one might ask? That's where pictures of family members, like the big family reunion picnic last weekend, will go. Stuff like recipes, etc that are of interest to both "worlds" will get reposted here and there. That's where I can connect with my in-laws and play Scrabble or whatever.

If you know my real name, I'm the one with the same icon as on this post.
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Yes, I really do have a website and it's not utterly dead. Just woefully out-of-date.

One out-of-date page is my Palm E-docs page. Alas, the Palm is no longer the mainstream ebook reader, and the venerable Aportis-Doc format isn't exactly an industry standard anymore. As for the proprietary iSilo format--has anyone even heard of it anymore?

These days the most-used formats are MobiPocket, HTML, PDF, and EPub, as far as I can tell. I personally loathe PDFs for reading, so I'm not going to go to the trouble of making them or hosting them. HTML is not so much an E-book format as a standard markup format that can be easily converted to any format you want. Besides, it's handy for reading on your computer.

So, my thoughts are that my old Palm E-Docs page will turn into a new E-Books page, and Palm-DOC and iSilo versions of my fanfics will be replaced or updated with:

* zipped HTML for offline reading (already exist, but need updating)
* MobiPocket (useable on Kindle, and easily converted to other formats)
* EPUB (useable on Sony E-Reader and several others)

Have I missed any major formats that people need to read on the device of their choice? Please let me know.


Aug. 9th, 2007 08:28 am
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Oh, scrap. I just realized that 5 days ago I probably broke every external link on the internet to my stories. I'll fix that tonight, y'all. In the mean time, you can get to my stories from my website. The internal links are correct as of right now.

Update: links are fixed. Outside links to my stories should work properly again.
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I've moved my new, incomplete website to my main page, replacing the old, horribly out-of-date and unmaintained Lair. The new site still needs pages finished, and desperately needs to be attacked with a stylesheet; I find the old styles. I used for a decade look a bit clunky now. It's at the same location as ever... just look to the right at my sidebar for the link.

First priority is to get all the content back up, minus the old stuff I don't want, and then I can jazz it up. Sign-ups for mailing lists are going away; I won't bother with that any more, I've got an LJ for notifying people of developments. In fact, my LJ feed is featured on the front page of my website.

This version of my site does have one page the old site didn't: my Transformers fanfiction page.
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The Dragonball Z Fanfiction page has been converted over to the new format. In the process, I learned the uses of multiple page caches in Smarty, which turns out to be necessary when you use the same master template for multiple named pages.

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I finally got back to overhauling my website--it's only been about 6-7 years since I touched it. For the interested, here's the temporary location of the new site: http://www.republicofnewhome.org/lair3/

The only new pages so far are the home page and the Transformers Fanfics page. The rest is "In Progress" and has links to the old versions of the pages so you can find the content.

After poking at Wordpress for a year or so, I decided that the blog/CMS was overkill for what I wanted to do. PHP templates, in the form of SMARTY, turned out to allow the right balance of "I want to hack HTML code" and "I want to automate the repetitive bits".

I got to hack PHP code, too, and that's all good clean fun.

Anyway, take a look, let me know what works and doesn't--keeping in mind that the above two pages are the only new ones. So far. Will be updating as I make progress.

My website

May. 20th, 2006 09:15 am
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I'm going to be overhauling my website over the next week, so don't be surprised if the links are a bit wonky, or if the site is missing completely. I'm going to a Wordpress-based blog architecture, with permanent pages superadded. (i.e., those stories everyone likes to read). There's a lot of ancient stuff that I don't look at, that no one else looks at that I will be weeding out. (Not stories, just link pages).

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