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My annual list of presents I would enjoy, for the benefit of friends and relatives who don't see me all that much. Mom, also point Jeff & Russ & everyone at this entry.

Books & DVDs
- Go straight to Amazon wish list (Needs a few things added to it, but I don't own anything on this list)

House & garden
- some low-light, neglect-tolerant houseplants for my cubicle.
- African violets
- hardy orchids

Clothes & stuff
- fleece-lined mocassin slippers (size 8-8 1/2)
- Spiffy t-shirt. Size XL, prefer pretty pictures to clever sayings.
- sweatshirt, size XL, with pretty pictures. Southwest Indian Foundation has some I really like.
- fancy scented soaps & body washes.

Food & Drink
- specialty decaffeinated teas and herbal teas.
- specialty decaff coffees, too.
- dinner at a fine New Orleans restaurant (not on Christmas Day, naturally).
- salt-water taffy

Gadgets & Widgets
- Tivo or other DVR.
- a nice, sharp, long-bladed letter opener.
- new waffle iron/waffle maker

Other people's wish lists
- Becky's Amazon wish list
- Steve T-shirt size: XXL, Tall.
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I realise I'm a tad late putting this up, but better late than never. Also, it's incomplete; I'll be adding to it as I think of stuff. I always remember things when I'm miles away from any chance to write it down.

For the benefit of friends and relatives who wonder what to get me, here's some ideas:

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