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Some of you have heard about this already, but now I have pictures!

The guy who occupies the cubicle across the hall from me went on a trip for a week. His co-workers in his department had far too much time on their hands and were feeling artistically inspired, so they covered his cubicle in aluminum foil. I took incriminating pictures.

Disclaimer: these guys were not in my department, and I had nothing to do with the prank. It just happened to take place "next door".

Aluminum Cubicle Photos )
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Like the previous article about the F-15 Seekers, this is very image-heavy below the cut. All history text is from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center web site. As in the previous article, all the images are from the NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Collection.
Colorful jets )
dragoness_e: NASA F-15A #837 (NASA Starscream)
For those of you who are not familiar with NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, they do... flight research. They develop and test interesting new systems that wind up in next generation aircraft. For whatever reason, their testbed aircraft include a small fleet of rather colorful fighter jets. Thanks to their resemblance to certain jet-mode Transformers, I've dubbed them "NASA's Seekers". I've named several of them for my own amusement, and herein I'd like to introduce you to them and tell what they've been up to... that we know of.

It gets picture-heavy below the cut, so be warned. Images all from the NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Collection. NASA has images available in several resolutions, low-res, high-res, and gawd-awful huge-res, suitable for your viewing, wallpapering, and printing pleasure.

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