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We continued to watch S1 of "Legends of Tomorrow", which continues to show a lot of Dr. Who inspiration... if Rip Hunter were an incompetent twit of a Time Lord who picked up a squad of companions consisting of two guys from Leverage (Mick & Lenny), the teacher and rebellious student (Dr. Stein and Jackson) from some "teacher makes good in inner-city school" drama, a pair of drama llamas from the Green Drama show (Sara: senior drama llama, Kiera: apprentice drama llama) and the terminally cheerful guy who never remembers to wear his supersuit (Ray Palmer; possibly because he could solve half the episodes by the quarter-hour commercial break if he did). The Leverage pair and Cheerful Guy cheerfully ignore Rip's plans, screw up all over the timeline, and they are hilarious!

Vandal Savage is a great master villain; anyone know where that blue coat he wears all the time comes from?

Time Master Whatshisname's outfit was a pretty obvious shout-out to the President of Gallifrey's costume in Classic Who. Rip himself dresses a lot like Ten.

Now, if this were my Traveller party or TV show (they have a spacetime ship, so Traveller instead of D&D), I'd make a few changes. First, Rip would sit down, shut up, and play patron-owner on board the timeship, and just hand out mission parameters; we'd have Lenny (Capt. Cold to the rest of you DC fans) do the planning, because he's actually competent at it. Just ask The Flash. Mick can continue punching people, he's good at that. Sara and Kiera/Shiera would be required to sit down and watch the TOS Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove" until they learned to control themselves. (That's the really awesome episode where Kirk gave this great speech about "Yeah, we're killers. But we choose not to kill today.") Dr. Stein has already learned not to be an ass to Jackson; maybe at some point Firestorm could actually learn to use his transmutation powers instead of just throwing fireballs. Mick gets to punch Ray every time he gets out of his bunk without his supersuit on his person; otherwise, Ray can just keep being his pretty-boy idealistic self.

The writers would be replaced with better writers who have signed a contract not to use Idiot Ball plots where one or more superheroes forget they have superpowers the whole episode. Also add a clause that they forfeit their pay if Hawkgirl sits around doing nothing the whole episode or spends the episode being the damsel in distress. The CGI team will be given enough budget to actually show Firestorm doing cool stuff and letting Hawkgirl use her wings now and then.

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