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Played some EQ2 with Sammie and Deanne; we ran around one of the floating islands in the disturbing and unnatural Bonemire area killing things and pillaging. I'm still working on getting enough Drednever Expedition faction to buy their cool decorative items.

Poked at Minecraft enough to even out floors on that huge cyst I dug out of the mountain, moved some storage around, and built a Forestry worktable after seeing how handy it is in DW20's Let's Play series. I've already filled up the 9 recipes slots with common stuff I make all the time. Finally built a Forester's backpack to go along with the Miner's and Digger's backpacks, and set up my wood barrels so that I can just dump off the contents of the Forester's backpack into a sorting chest. In theory. Testing may reveal a few holes in this scheme.

Trump actually picked a mostly-okay judge for his Supreme Court nominee, so I'm not going to fuss over that, and I'm not going to call my Senator and ask him to block the nomination. If I call him, it will be to encourage him. Democrats would be stupid to block this nominee, and people should stop insisting that they do. Dems aren't going to get to pick their own nominee, and if they obstruct mostly-okay guy, I bet the next nominee won't be "mostly okay". Don't be obstructionist just to be obstructionist; obstruct the bad, encourage the good, and don't obstruct the acceptable.

Besides, Gorsuch seems to be a good pick on several details: he stands behind the 2nd Amendment as an actual right, not an obsolete footnote that too many liberals want to think it is, and he's against Chevron deference, which deference I learned from reading law blogs is a bad thing for protecting your rights against regulatory overreach. He's not too fond of abuse of the commerce clause, either. The only thing I have against him is his appellate court opinion on that infamous Hobby Lobby case, but all in all, I think he'll make a good Supreme Court justice.

Slow days

Jan. 27th, 2017 09:29 pm
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Can't say I did much lately. Caught up with Flash S2 season ender on Netflix--cool time-travel shenanigans. "Finished" Sansûkh, which isn't finished itself, so I can't really finish it. Eagerly awaiting the remaining chapters; I don't expect this one to be abandoned, the author is almost finished. I see one, maybe two plot threads to be wound up yet (Thorin/Bilbo isn't wholly resolved yet. Legolas/Gimli is resolved, and there's yet another possible thread/pairing that ought to be dealt with. I hope.)

The political circus going on is driving me away from my usual blogs; I think I need to find some fandom/hobby/craft-oriented blogs that aren't going Chicken-Little over President Cheeto right now. I don't have the spoons to handle that much gloom and panic ALL THE TIME, even if Punching Actual Nazis is a thing.

Back to SDV, Minecraft, and Everquest2, I guess. And Starscream keeps reminding me that I really should get back to him more than just a few paragraphs.

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