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I didn't take nearly as many pictures Sunday, so there's no need to break Sunday's images down into separate posts. The crowds started to thin out on Sunday, as people went home--though the Con actually goes through Monday, most people have work or school to return to that day. The one-day Con goers mostly came on Saturday, one of the reasons Saturday is so crowded.

I spent an annoying amount of the morning trying to catch Jim Butcher when he didn't have 5000 people waiting in line to sign his books, and just missed him. (Okay, I caught up with him, but he was running late and didn't have time to sign books). I also went to John Ringo's book signing session to get a book signed, and actually did catch up with him.

Finally, Sunday I actually got into the Dealer rooms and was able to shop. I picked up some T-shirts, and phoned Steve several times to see if he was interested in some of the older GURPS books one of the booths had on deep discount--he was, and I bought them. Other than that, I mostly just looked. These days, if I want a lot of the kind of sci-fi/fantasy souvenirs, games and exotica found at a sci-fic convention, I can just order it over the internet, so I don't find myself wanting to buy everything the way I did back in the old days, when a con was the only place you could get some things. Of course, back then, I didn't have the money to buy all the stuff I wanted; now I do, and I don't want much of anything. Go figure.

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I saw quite a few nice costumes Saturday, in among the vast throngs of people.

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As previously mentioned, on Saturday, Sept 4, there was an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" costume photo-shoot, up on the 10th floor of one of the hotels. What that meant was everyone in ATLA costumes was invited to show up and pose to have their pictures taken by all and sundry.

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Saturday was a very tiring day. Okay, they were all tiring days; just because the hotels and the mall food court were all connected indoors by pedestrian walkways did not mean they weren't sprawled over four city blocks. They were, and my feet felt it! All three days I had to go back to our hotel (which was another 3-4 blocks away) in the early afternoon and collapse for a while.

This was also the day Becky wore her Azula costume, and the big ATLA photo shoot (which will be in another post. Also, lots of costumes (another post).

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One of the joys of sci-fi/fantasy conventions is admiring the creativity and skill that people put into making cool costumes. Since I have a lot of costume photos, I'll be making a separate post for each day's costume pics. Also, if anyone can help me identify costumes, I'd appreciate it.

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Every Dragon*Con, Friday evening is "Evening at Bree", which is a dance and Tolkien-character costume event with live music by Emerald Rose, a Southern Celtic/Pagan folk band from north Georgia. We like their music; it rocks. Becky and I both like to attend the dance, too.

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Okay, now that I'm half-recovered from Dragon*Con, I can start posting pictures. I may be a bit slow about this, since I still haven't installed PSP9 on my new laptop, so I'm making do with GIMP. Unfortunately, the GIMP doesn't have all my presets and scripts that I normally use to speed up image processing. It's been very tedious doing it all one picture at a time. Bleh.

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