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...so I still have to get up for work tomorrow. Yay. Let's see, made a quest item for one of Steve's crafters on the live server, and had my Stormhold carpenter work on Firmroot Moot faction, because the three factions in the Moors of Ykesha all have unique furniture recipes and I have to start somewhere. Have I mentioned that I like to decorate in EQ2? I don't think I'm very good at it--my stuff is trash compared to, say, Lily Hopsalong's designs, but my guildies like it enough that I've decorated the last two iterations of the guild house, by their request. I ought to take screenshots of some of the houses I am proudest off and post them sometime.

Caught up a few Wake posts, and Dead End is harassing Kup in [community profile] dear_player. TheOldOne posted some bugs about armor values to my Issues pages on GitHub, so I should look into them sometime this weekend. Also, I keep forgetting to post breakout coordinates for the Skyflyer Skiff to the Housing forum thread for breakout coordinates. My bad.

I'm re-reading the Starscream story I was last working on, and thinking about playing a turn or two of Stardew Valley, which I haven't in a day or two. Oh, and we watched another episode of "The Flash" on Netflix. Barry ain't too happy about losing his powers.

Tomorrow begins this month's Moonlit Enchantment event on EQ2, where fairy grottos appear for just two days--fairy grottos where you can buy lots of lovely plants and other natural decor for your houses. As you can imagine, I frequent those grottos. Also, some guy is being inaugurated tomorrow.

ETA: didn't get around to SDV, spent time following some links to some videos by some game dev refuting FemFreq. He had a lot of good points, but I think he missed the hot potato in GamerGate. It wasn't just about "ethics in video game journalism". OTOH, I am up to here with 3rd Wave, sex-negative "feminists" infantilizing woman and portraying us all as damsel-in-distress victims who can't handle a small boy misbehaving, let alone talk to adult men like they are equals. Go away, I didn't ask for you to MIS-represent me. I'm a 2nd wave, old-school equity feminist, not a walking victim of the patriarchy.

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