Aug. 22nd, 2012 07:05 am
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Back from vacation. Pictures to come later when I have the ambition. However, got a few things done lately.

- cleared out mother's hat collection from master bedroom closet (okay, passed it to the daughter to see if she wants any vintage hats.)
- over vacation, finished a Skyfire fic, "Port Call". No, it's not up yet.
- over vacation, turned my DBZ and Transformers fics into collections of eBooks. Got permission from the artists to use certain pieces of fanart as covers, inspirational pieces, etc. If you want to read my fanfics on your Kindle or Nook or whatever, I have EPUB, MOBI, and zipped-up HTML packs available at
- as a bonus, eBook readers of "28 Dead Ends" get a preview of an unfinished 28, "On Vacation".
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Writing meme, ganked from [ profile] beckyh2112

1. Pick one of my characters, any one (even if you're only familiar with a vague description instead of a name).
2. I will tell you the origin of his/her name.
3. I will tell you random facts surrounding his/her creation.
4. I will give you a random fact of his/her backstory.
5. I will give you a random fact of his/her forestory.
6. You may ask me up to ten questions about the character
7. I will give you one TMI fact. (And if you don't want that, please specify.)

Forestory, in this instance, is either measured from the latest chronological fanfic I've written them in, or, if they haven't appeared in a fanfic, from the starting point of the canon they come from.

I have written both DBZ and TFs, and have lots of OCs... )
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A brief scene wherein we find out the trauma of impatient Saiyan teenagers and sticky doors

"So is this guy going to be a problem, Bulma?" Raditz stood slightly behind and to the right of Bulma--far enough back not to joggle her elbow as she worked on the giant alien robot stretched out on the worktable, but close enough to snatch her to safety if something went wrong. Since he was "on the clock" and in a High Security/Hazard Zone, Raditz wore his white and black combat armor with a black Capsule Corp. jacket, unzipped, over it. His tail coiled tightly about his waist, another sign that the Saiyan warrior was ready for trouble.

It's not about giant robots, he's just scenery )


Aug. 5th, 2006 10:20 am
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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but somehow I'm not flattered when someone takes one of my stories and re-posts it under his own name with a different title. And screws up the chaptering and formatting while he/she/it is at it.

One of my readers sent me a very helpful note with a link pointing me at the plagiarised story: some idiot had taken the first few chapters of Raditz's Return and re-posted it under his own handle and with a different title. After stripping off the copyright notices and author's notes, of course. Fortunately for me, my stories are well enough known (by Raditz fans, at least), that the first few reviewers recognized it right away and said as much in their reviews. I reported the thing for plagiarism, and said as much in a review. Bleh.
Rest of the rant.. )

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