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To everyone:

Merry Christmas!

Things went rather well--we had a nice Christmas dinner of a somewhat non-traditional Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce because I am sick of turkey, with Sunday Dinner Mashed Potatoes (by request), a tossed salad, sautéed yellow squash, and 24-Hour Salad.

Rochelle, thank you for the cheesecake, we enjoyed it very much.

Ravyn, your gift arrived in time, thank you very much. It will go to good and tasty use!

Now the day after Christmas, we can sit back, relax, eat leftovers, and cheer for the Saints. May you all have a happy Yule season!
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My annual list of presents I would enjoy, for the benefit of friends and relatives who don't see me all that much. Mom, also point Jeff & Russ & everyone at this entry.

Books & DVDs
- Go straight to Amazon wish list (Needs a few things added to it, but I don't own anything on this list)

House & garden
- some low-light, neglect-tolerant houseplants for my cubicle.
- African violets
- hardy orchids

Clothes & stuff
- fleece-lined mocassin slippers (size 8-8 1/2)
- Spiffy t-shirt. Size XL, prefer pretty pictures to clever sayings.
- sweatshirt, size XL, with pretty pictures. Southwest Indian Foundation has some I really like.
- fancy scented soaps & body washes.

Food & Drink
- specialty decaffeinated teas and herbal teas.
- specialty decaff coffees, too.
- dinner at a fine New Orleans restaurant (not on Christmas Day, naturally).
- salt-water taffy

Gadgets & Widgets
- Tivo or other DVR.
- a nice, sharp, long-bladed letter opener.
- new waffle iron/waffle maker

Other people's wish lists
- Becky's Amazon wish list
- Steve T-shirt size: XXL, Tall.
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

... and a happy Yuletide!
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I realise I'm a tad late putting this up, but better late than never. Also, it's incomplete; I'll be adding to it as I think of stuff. I always remember things when I'm miles away from any chance to write it down.

For the benefit of friends and relatives who wonder what to get me, here's some ideas:

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