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I know it's been a long time, but: new story!

Wendigo's Bane on FF.net
Wendigo's Bane on my site.

[G1, really late S3] Starscream finally takes his revenge on the thing that stole Skyfire from him and ruined his life so long ago--but the price may be too high. Sequel to "Revelations".

Further note, the E-Book "Tales of Starscream" has been updated to include this new story.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!
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I recently found this story on my hard drive; apparently I had set it aside for editing, and then completely forgotten about it! I found it, edited it, and it is now posted for your entertainment on my website and on FF.net.

Survey Ship Visit
same, @fanfiction.net

[G1, probably S4/2007] Skyfire & Starscream are surveying star systems for Rodimus Prime-but what do they do when they have to report on the politics and economics of a world that hates and fears intelligent machines?
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[G1, post-TFTM] Sequel to Friends No Longer with Me. Starscream's unexpected post-mortem reunion with Skyfire leads to conversation between old... friends?

Go to Lost and Found
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A new Transformers story for y'all. Mostly action/adventure, perhaps a hint or three of slashiness, and very unhappy Combaticons.

Dead Mech Escape

[G1, post-TFTM] At the end of "Starscream's Ghost", how did Octane escape? Who else escaped with him? What else did the possessive, vindictive ghost of Starscream do while he was on Charr? Besides explosions and mayhem, there's suggestive Starscream/Octane slash, and implied Jazz/Prowl if you look real hard--or they're just good friends.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] dunmurderin for beta reading!

The Message

Aug. 5th, 2006 10:02 pm
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Another Skyfire & Starscream story--or rather, another point-of-view of the same story.

The Message

[G1] Skyfire’s point-of-view regarding the incident described in Lines.

As always, enjoy!

p.s. I fixed the link to "that picture" in Lines.


Jul. 19th, 2006 08:36 pm
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A short story with Skyfire and Starscream...


[G1] Sometimes you need a reminder that some lines should not be crossed… especially if your name is Starscream. Inspired by the fanart "Keeping up with Old Friends" by CHI.

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[G1,TFTM] A short vignette about Starscream’s darkest moments, and two guys who have no respect for the angsty dead.

Up from Oblivion

Enjoy! More to come in the future; this is one of the many ficlets that calved off of Autobot Angels while I was writing it.

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Another Transformers short-short. It's also up on FF.net, as is "Nothing to fear..."

[G1] Skyfire reflects on the friends he's lost to the war.

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