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Again, from [personal profile] akamine_chan's meme:

Day 2

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Recs ahoy! )
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The Transformers Anonymous Writing Feedback meme!

Because I always need feedback, and once in a while I do post memes.
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The BBC allegedly believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books here. Bold those books you've read in their entirety. Italicize the ones you started but didn't finish.

books )
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Something I haven't posted in quite a while: another Dead End 28! Down to the last few, actually.

Excited Dead End
[G1 Transformers] Wildrider inflicts more "culture" on Dead End; this time, it's the Arena. Dead End is bored; Wildrider tries to make it more 'interesting'.

Also, for those of you who overlooked it, last week I slipped in Disheveled Dead End in my 28 Dead Ends.
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Another Dead End 28:

Why We Don't Let Dead End Give Combat Briefings, aka Obedient Dead End

[G1] Dead End is ordered to give a combat briefing by Starscream. This was not a good idea.

Set just post-season 2, with an early S3 framing sequence.
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Another one of my 28s that won't fit in a comment. You'd think by know that I'd know better than to even try...

This one takes place shortly after the events of On His Knees Dead End.

Book-Reading Dead End )

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Writing meme, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] beckyh2112

1. Pick one of my characters, any one (even if you're only familiar with a vague description instead of a name).
2. I will tell you the origin of his/her name.
3. I will tell you random facts surrounding his/her creation.
4. I will give you a random fact of his/her backstory.
5. I will give you a random fact of his/her forestory.
6. You may ask me up to ten questions about the character
7. I will give you one TMI fact. (And if you don't want that, please specify.)

Forestory, in this instance, is either measured from the latest chronological fanfic I've written them in, or, if they haven't appeared in a fanfic, from the starting point of the canon they come from.

I have written both DBZ and TFs, and have lots of OCs... )
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A Dead End artfic! This one's actually long enough that it's on my site as a separate story.

Art Depreciation, aka "Daring Dead End"

[G1] The Stunticons have been transferred to Cybertron; Dead End and Drag Strip take on a new challenge: they become art critics! There's a brand-new art gallery opening, and everyone's there--including our two reviewers, and some of Slog's artwork. Can they make the deadline? Will they survive it? Warning: this may be mildly humorous and/or make pretentious statements about Art.

Thank you to Wayward and Rebecca Hb. for abuse of their characters and checking them for nits. ;-)
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Another claim finished! This time, Dead End has gotten himself in trouble with the Lambo Twins. No smut, just violence.

On His Knees )

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Wildrider drags Dead End out for some "local Cybertronian culture", aka "drunk & disorderly". In the process, they discover that the Stunticons have acquired a certain reputation, and that some people just don't sympathize with your psychosis. All this, and Duskwing, too.

Dead and Drunk, aka Drinking Energon Dead End )

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I've just given up trying to put these in comments. Here's the follow-on to Aerialbot Tango

Mistaken Identity? aka Silly Dead End )
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As usual, too long to fit a comment, though not as long as some. This one turned out to be a combat scene.

Aerialbot Tango, aka Dancing Dead End )
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I keep making these too long to fit in comments, alas.

Bath-Time Dead End, aka The Stunticons Meet Octane's Harem )
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Another one that wouldn't fit in a comment.

The Rest of the Story )
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Another semi-long entry for the 28 Dead Ends meme...

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Another long entry for the 28 Dead Ends meme. In this one, Dead End kidnaps Spike--no, not the one from Sunnydale! The real, actual Spike Witwicky, this time.

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Another 28 Dead Ends entry that is too long to fit in the wee little comments block.

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(This entry got long enough it couldn't go into a comment.)

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