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So our company is getting bought up/merging yet AGAIN, and we had a phone-in meeting about it. (That's where we all sit around the speaker phone in the conference room and listen to the head honchos yammer somewhere at the other end of the country). It was a pretty dull meeting; I made notes in my notebook about it to keep from making snide comments out loud... very often. Here are my transcribed notes, with the names changed to protect the annoying.

* The Big Boss repeats the entire contents of the announcement letter we got yesterday. I am not excite.
* Describing Power Point presentations verbally is even more boring than watching slides.
* Buzzword bingo fest.
* Do I get a share of this $XX billion business? If not, why do I care?
* We are merging complementary businesses. That's nice, but I'm not the Board of Directors, nor the venture capitalist that actually own us. It's not like I'm deciding anything.
* I get the impression they don't want people panicking about their jobs and jumping ship. *a few minutes later* CALLED IT!
* I have spent 26 minutes listening to Big Boss pat himself on the back and re-state the announcement letter. Oh wait, he started up again. But we can download the Power Point slides. 29 minutes now.
* Q&A session: Big Boss starts up again on the first question, which I could not hear. He assures us he's really humble about being the Big Boss of the new company, too.
* we will have locations everywhere--might make it easier to move somewhere else.
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I don't think I ever mentioned this in general, but I'm back home in Louisiana (mentioned the trip), AND I have a new job. Locally. It's a fair commute, but it's near my Mom's house, so I'll be seeing her a lot more often, which makes everyone a bit happier.

The commute means I get up early, which means I won't be on late anymore (not to mention that I'm not on Pacific time any more, either).

The new job is working as a government contractor. I have already learned that the government way of doing things is just plain loopy. If working as a corporate contractor was like being in a Dilbert cartoon, government work is more like a Salvador Dali painting--downright surreal.

Someday I might go into detail.
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Some of you have heard about this already, but now I have pictures!

The guy who occupies the cubicle across the hall from me went on a trip for a week. His co-workers in his department had far too much time on their hands and were feeling artistically inspired, so they covered his cubicle in aluminum foil. I took incriminating pictures.

Disclaimer: these guys were not in my department, and I had nothing to do with the prank. It just happened to take place "next door".

Aluminum Cubicle Photos )
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I work in a rather unassuming building here in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Of course there's pictures! )
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The contract is signed; I have a job!! I'll be reporting to work on the other side of the country in two weeks. Hoo boy.

Contract programming job; I get paid per diem and a decent hourly rate in exchange for being far away from family and home for months on end. I'm going to wind up seeing Transformers by myself, and after everyone else, looks like--I'll be on the road when it comes out.

*sad face*

However, if anyone lives in the San Jose, CA area, maybe we can get together for lunch or a movie or something? And they do have movie theaters in most towns I'm likely to stop at for the night, so maybe I'll catch a showing on the way. Still isn't the same as seeing it with family or friends, alas.

On the up side, I'll be getting paid for doing something that sounds like fun. Woot!

Now I'm off to plan my itinerary. It's a long drive, but I really want to have my car over there.

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