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I still hate Buck Moth Caterpillars and would like to see them all drown in DDT.

Today, while trying to pull a weed, I failed to notice the big fat poisonous caterpillar wrapped around the stem. I pulled a handful of poison-spined caterpillar instead.
The fingers of my right hand are all swollen up and have I mentioned the excruciating pain of these stings? This makes typing difficult and uncomfortable as well.

Yeah, me and Phylum Insecta are at odds again.
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Hmm, it's been a while since I posted any photo-essays. I've got quite a lot of pictures piled up that I'll get around to posting some time. I hope.
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Like I mentioned before, the first thing to do with an old aquarium is to leak test it. This involves filling it up about a quarter tank per day and checking for leaks after each step. Doing it in stages makes it easier to spot any slow leaks as well as the kind that flood all over your floor. I'm pretty sure this tank doesn't leak, so I'm being brave and testing it on the kitchen counter.

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