Jan. 24th, 2017

dragoness_e: Living Dead Girl (Living Dead Girl)
Last night, Elsa's medicine must have kicked in, because she suddenly felt LOTS better. Unfortunately for everyone except Elsa, that meant she felt like it was time to party and play all night, after sleeping all day; e.g. no one got to sleep. I ended up taking today off, pretty much, because I had too little sleep to drive safely.

It didn't help that I started reading Sansûkh, a massive Tolkien fanfic that Becky had recommended some time ago. It sucked me right in and I still can't put it down. By the way, AO3 lets you download EPUB versions of fanfics directly to your book reader, and Chrome will hand them off to any program that understands EPUB, like, oh, say... FBReader. Handy. Saves me the trouble of downloading to PC and firing up Calibre to download to the book reader. I may have to start doing that for Seanan Mcguire's short stories, because I keep forgetting to move them to my reader after I download them to PC.

I also played around a bit more on Cybertron; Becky, if you want to take any of the enchanted books in the bookcases by the disenchanter machine, feel free. I have lots. Making preparations to move my smelter down a floor, as it is blocking traffic on my main floor.

No SDV; Minecraft has been more interesting lately. As for Starscream & Co, no writing on that today (blame Sansûkh), but I don't think I ever told anyone except Becky what I am doing. There is one major story arc I want to tell for Starscream, and then I think I am done with TF fanfiction. I decided a while back that, instead of a massive chaptered fic, I would break it up into related short stories, or, at most (I hope), novellas. I always feel so guilty and pressured if I leave a chaptered fic hanging, and if I release it one chapter at a time, it's harder to rewrite things if I've written myself into a corner when half of it is already published. If I release a complete, shorter story, no one gets left hanging with an unfinished fic, and I make sure it hangs together before releasing it. That's the theory, anyway.

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