Feb. 28th, 2008

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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 1
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 2
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 3
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 4
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 5
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 6
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, part 7

Welcome to the last installment of my visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. This time, we visit the museum's small Babylonian collection. At one time, this museum was called the Rosicrucian Oriental Museum, back in the day when 'oriental' meant 'Middle Eastern' more than "East Asian', and a Babylonian/Sumerian section would have been perfectly normal to have in a museum otherwise full of Egyptian artifacts. Now, the Babylonian section has quite a few educational displays tying it into the Egyptian theme of the museum, mostly as an Egyptian trade partner. Egypt has imported Sumerian and Babylonian goods since before recorded history, and exported raw materials to the rest of the Middle East. It has also suffered the attacks of Assyria and Persia.

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During the visit to the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park (more about that in future posts), I took pictures of the regional jaybird, the Western Scrub-Jay, Aphelocoma californica.

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While I was visiting the Japanese Tea Garden at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, (for which I brought the admission fee, this time), I took close-ups of some of the early spring flowers.

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