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Japanese Tea Garden, part 1 - Entrance photos from back in late December 2007.
Japanese Tea Garden, part 2

Continuing my photogenic visit to the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. (Which actually isn't very close to the Golden Gate Bridge; Presidio Park is actually at the foot of the bridge).


This absolutely lovely red camelia was blooming against the back fence of the Tea Garden. Mom, you would have really enjoyed this.

Zen rock

Japanese gardens frequently reflect a Zen Buddhist aesthetic. Natural objects that, in miniature, suggest other natural objects are such a thing. Here we have a rock that suggests a mountain thrusting up from the plains.

Stone Lantern

Antique-style stone lanterns are another bit of Japanese garden decor.

Back vista

Back behind the gift shop building, there's a miniature river valley filled with garden. Here's a look from up by the building...

Another angle

The forest beyond the river

'Trees' overhanging the 'river'

Pool in the 'river'

Walkway into the valley

There were a number of lovely early spring flowering shrubs and trees in bloom, including that early cherry tree there. I'd also like to note that apparently the Japanese Garden is a nice place to bring your girlfriend on a date; I saw quite a few couples strolling or standing holding hands.

Flowering shrub and dwarf pine trees

This is down on that aforementioned walkway.

Couple enjoying the garden and each other's company

Dwarf pine of some kind

View from ground-level along the 'river valley'

The source of the 'river'

An artful re-creation of a natural spring. There are several such in the garden.

Another view down the 'river'

You can see the back of the gift shop building up there.

Next time: Wandering through the Zen forest

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