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I don't plan on watching the Superbowl this year. I can always catch the cute ads on whatever site likes to showcase them afterwards, but the NFL will not get my advertising eyeballs for this fake championship.

On the one hand, we have the New England Patriots, known serial cheaters. Am I supposed to take seriously that they're really the AFC champions when they feel they have to cheat to win?

On the other hand, we have the Lame-A** Rams, who are illegitimate, Non-Champions of the NFC. You're not a champion when the championship game gets handed to you by crooked refereeing. I don't recognize the Rams as NFC champions, because they didn't win the NFC championship legitimately, therefore this SubparBowl is fraudulent, a game of two second-class teams pretending to be the battle of champions. I don't care about either team, and the game is a second-class fake of the real thing, so why would I watch it?

As the NFL is hoping to make their usual huge profit via you watching a fraudulent game that's not what it is represented to be, I encourage you to show them what you think by not watching the Subpar Bowl either. Also, if the NFL can't be bothered to make sure that the referees are honest and competent, then the game itself has no integrity and isn't worth watching. Who cares what the results of a game are if it's rigged in advance?

I hope the Patriots flatten the Rams in a massive blow-out, like 45-0, because Tom Brady is actually a great quarterback, and coach Bill Belicheck has advocated for some time that all plays be challengeable and reviewable, like the Canadian Football League does it. If that rule had been in place, that crooked "No-Call" in the Saints-Rams NFC championship would have been challenged and overturned, and we wouldn't be left with bitterness and a pointless fraud of a Superbowl. Also because the Rams players are jerks, and were gloating over benefiting from the obvious crooked refereeing. They deserve to have their Superbowl hopes and dreams crushed like a squashed cockroach.

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