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[Inspired by recent incidents in the Canadian writing community]

Cultural appropriation is a good thing. It means the majority culture is learning to appreciate and is curious about something besides themselves. It means the culture isn't stagnating. It means The Other is good, not bad, and a friend, not an enemy to be suppressed or exterminated. It means The Other is stopping being "Them" and is becoming "Us". We humans love Us; we humans regrettably tend to hate Them. Better for all if they are Us.

The notion that cultural appropriation is bad is one of the more snowflake, dumb-ass and downright poisonous ideas to come out of the left. The logical end-point of "cultural appropriation is bad and you mustn't do it" crowd is cultural segregation and apartheid--everyone is only allowed to write or make art about their own racial and cultural niche, and no one will be exposed to any culture but their own. That would be bad; we learn to tolerate and accept People Not Like Us by getting to know them in person; ditto for cultures.

At worst, badly-done appropriation comes across as crass, rude and insensitive to people of the originating culture. So don't be crass, rude, or insensitive. However, there is not a single damn thing wrong with braiding your hair differently, eating different food, or wearing different clothes than those you grew up with. Don't let anyone force you into a creative or life-style strait-jacket because of what they think is appropriate for you.

Date: 2017-05-13 12:54 pm (UTC)
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I was thinking about this recently when I was watching male KPop videos on YouTube. They use so many things that are clearly borrowed from gangster rap, American English, etc, and it's awesome. It's awesome because they're making it their own by fusing it with their own culture. The whole 'cultural sensitivity' thing is distressing--whatever happened, at the very least, to the American idea of the 'melting pot'? What makes any culture great is how it mixes everything up from all contributors.

Plus, the idea that, you know, as a half-Italian, half-Welsh, I shouldn't be able to eat Chinese food or dress like Jasmine for Halloween...how reductive and racist!!

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