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To post an entry last night. Belatedly...

Sammie and Deanne went out adventuring in Bonemire yesterday, catching up on quests. Quests that turned out to have follow-on quests upon follow-on quests. At least of two of which lead into heroic dungeons, so we're saving those for Guild group night. I'd say "screw it" at this point and move to Kunark, but I want enough Drednever Expedition faction to buy stuff from their faction merchant--they sell Sky-themed furniture that's the same as certain quest rewards from the various aviak quests in Barren Sky, and aviak-Sky stuff fits real well in Maj'Dul-style houses (fantasy Arabic) and Sammie has a Maj'Dul-type house.... Yes, I like to decorate.

We also messed around working on various tradeskill faction quests for the Far Seas Supply Division, and Ivana finished out her Tupta baseline faction, and is starting on the dailies.

Elsa was terrified by the thunderstorm; it's always sad seeing a person or an animal so scared. I don't know what to do about that--she doesn't howl, she just cowers and shivers in terror. We have more thunderstorms incoming today; I used to enjoy a wild thunderstorm, but seeing Elsa terrified spoils that now.

I stared at the stub end of that Starscream story, and am starting to mull over ideas on where to go next. Oh wait, I forgot Galvatron's team! They should get a bit of story, too, and I completely forgot them. Whelp, guess I know what I'm writing about soonish.

Stardew Valley advanced another few days; it's now Spring 3 of Year 4. I finally have all my crops growing under sprinklers, which frees up a little time. Still have to care for the livestock, though, and I need more sprinklers, preserve jars, kegs, and places to put them. I think I should have a separate barn for the pigs, as they don't require milking and such like and just get in the way when I am taking care of the cows and goats. I'm working on villager friendships--I've decided to flirt with all the eligible single people in the Valley, and get all of my boy- and girlfriends up to 10 friendship before marrying. I still suck at fishing, and I haven't found the bottom of the mines yet.

Did the monthly reboot of Cybertron (the minecraft server), and that appears to be doing okay. I'm watching Direwolf20's 1.7.10 Let's Play, and it's a lot more applicable to Cybertron than the Forgecraft 1.10.2 stuff is. I'm even getting a few ideas, like automating sorting and initial ore processing better. I'd already decided to move the TiCon smelter some place else, as it is just a roadblock in my main path through my base. Hand-sorting ores and deciding which goes in which processing machine got old a while back, so making some auto-processing is a must.

Looking stormy today, but that's for today's post, not yesterdays, which this is. Later, later.

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