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Worked on more Far Seas faction with Ivana, including going back to Steamfont and doing those 30s tradeskill level quests she never did, just for the faction and tokens. Got enough to go back to Mara and buy up some of the nice crafter jewelry they sell.

Got Sammie on and did some work decorating Norah's house, like I promised a long time ago and said I would get back to after Christmas holidays were over. Wow, those prefab castles have a lot of rooms when you put the stairs in place so you can access the upper floors! She didn't have enough stairs for everything, so I will have to make some stairs up using the layout editor, another day.

Played some more Stardew Valley (of course), and, in Real Life, caught up my backlog of unopened mail and unfiled papers. Found all my tax paperwork. Yay! Not that I'm going to do my taxes just yet, but it's nice to have most of it in one place. Set aside an inbox for Becky's mail, instead of having it all over the breakfast table. It kept getting lost under my old mail. I feel virtuous for getting some real clean-up done.

Does every season 2 episode of "The Flash" end on a cliff-hanger? It's making it hard to watch only one episode a night, I keep wanting to see more. Last night, we watched another episode of "Midsommer Murders", and they don't do cliff-hangers. On the other hand, "Midsommer Murders" suggests that rural England is populated entirely by miserable people in unhappy marriages who are sleeping around with everyone but their spouses, except where it is populated by in-bred aristocrats who've gone off the deep end over the importance of their ancient bloodline. "Snobby aristocrat" is a funny stereotype--are there really people like that, who don't get that the only difference between them and the plebs is that their revered medieval ancestor was the horse thief or mercenary adventurer or fishwife that married well, instead of them?

Finally, I'm actually adding some lines to that Starscream story. Galvatron and his team are entering stage left, and Astrotrain hates everyone.

ETA: In "The Flash", the non-relationship between Zoom and Caitlin Snow reminded me of (and contrasted with) the relationship I have written between Skyfire and Starscream. Starscream is just as big a monster as Zoom--the difference is twofold. One of them is that Skyfire has shown that he can and will kill Starscream if Starscream steps over the line--Caitlin really can't do that to Zoom. Two, Skyfire does care for Starscream, and Starscream knows that, and Starscream really does want to be loved by Skyfire, and won't risk losing that. Caitlin Snow doesn't love or even like Zoom, and I think Zoom is well aware of this, no matter how much he'd like to think otherwise--so there is no possiblity of losing her love and respect to restrain him.

Starscream/Skyfire works because, as I have written them, there is no power imbalance; they are equals. Zoom/Caitlin (egads, I hope no one seriously writes that, but knowing fanfic, they probably do) can't work because she is his helpless prisoner, not his equal.
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